Five Ways AR Apps Will Enhance Industrial Work in Next Five Years

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Posted Mar 18, 2023

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In the past few years, we have seen rightful excitement around augmented reality (AR) apps and their potential to revolutionize different industries. While virtual reality (VR) has had its time in the spotlight, AR is fast catching up as a powerful tool for businesses to create effective solutions. As wider adoption of AR apps takes place, it is important to understand how industrial work will benefit from this technology.

Industrial solutions include providing workers with real-time information, enhancing training programs, and streamlining complex processes. AR apps are the perfect counterpart to VR as they allow users to interact with digital worlds while still being in the physical one. This means that employees can use AR apps to overlay data onto machines or equipment to easily identify faults or damages without having to reference manuals or other sources. The final outcome is an increase in productivity and efficiency while decreasing downtime and errors due to incorrect terminology.

In this article, we will explore five ways AR apps will enhance industrial work in the next five years. From helping workers visualize complex tasks using 3D models to improving safety protocols through real-time data overlays, we will take a closer look at how AR apps can provide innovative business solutions that positively impact bottom lines across different industries.

Effective Ways to Connect the Theory and Practice of AR Apps

Augmented Reality (AR) is transforming the way we view reality. With AR apps, digital overlays are placed over the real environment, providing an extra layer of information that was previously impossible to access. The practical tangible benefits of AR include extracting fresh information from industrial machinery and improving manufacturing processes. But how do we connect the theoretical concept of AR with its practical applications? One effective way is through Mixed Reality (MR) AR.

Milky way on dark night sky

The Microsoft Azure team states engineers can observe reality as well as virtual reality by viewing augmented reality mirrors. This technology allows workers operating in a conventional factory system to experience a virtual environment supported by virtual factory floor planning. MR AR provides an immediate visible understanding of how machinery works and how it can be optimized for better performance. Additionally, MR AR can reduce staff onboarding costs by developing powerful remote collaboration platforms that allow workers in close proximity to share their knowledge.

According to research, within 5 years, companies will adopt augmented reality apps as a day-to-day tool for gathering real-time operational insights that improve maintenance, servicing design and 3D modeling. By using MR AR, industrial equipment can be monitored remotely from any location, reducing downtime caused by faulty machinery. The theoretical concept of digitalization produced by AR apps will soon become a reality in factories around the world.

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2. #10 AR-Animals

The AR-Animals app is a fantastic example of augmented reality technology. With this app, users can bring live paper images to life by simply scanning them with their device's camera. The main features of the app include 34 highly detailed and animated animals that users can interact and play with in a unique way.

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4. #11 Pukka Fun

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Discover New AR Tools to Enhance Your Experience

AR apps have been around for some time now, but with the recent advancements in technology, many new tools have emerged to enhance the user experience. These tools range from free access to functionality sets that support business models that weren't developed before. The previous categories commonly associated with AR apps don't fit anymore and there are plenty of opportunities to make money while improving your company brand. So, if you haven't explored the latest AR tools yet, it's time to start!

1. #22 S-GE AR

S-GE AR is a new iOS app that works to support entrepreneurs and promote Switzerland as a top business location. This innovative tool helps foster exports and imports by helping clients develop their international businesses. By using S-GE AR, users can strengthen Switzerland's position as an economic hub.

One of the great features of this app is that it allows users to find completely free apps without any in-app purchases or annoying advertisements. It's important to note that S-GE doesn't lobby for any particular business or industry - their goal is simply to help entrepreneurs succeed in Switzerland and beyond. Overall, S-GE AR is an excellent resource for anyone looking to expand their business on the global stage.

2. #23 Anatomy 4D

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3. #24 WallaMe

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can AR apps reduce training costs in manufacturing industries?

Yes, AR apps can reduce training costs in manufacturing industries by providing immersive and interactive on-the-job training experiences that eliminate the need for expensive physical equipment and traditional classroom instruction.

What is AR/VR and how can it help your business?

AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) is a technology that allows users to experience a computer-generated environment or enhance the current one. It can help businesses in various ways such as providing immersive training, enhancing customer experiences, and improving product design and development processes.

Is AR/VR the future of manufacturing?

AR/VR has the potential to revolutionize manufacturing by improving productivity, reducing errors and enhancing safety. While it is not certain whether it will completely replace traditional methods, it is clear that AR/VR will play a significant role in the future of manufacturing.

What is ARKit and how does it work?

ARKit is a framework developed by Apple that enables developers to create augmented reality experiences for iOS devices. It works by using the device's camera and sensors to track the real-world environment and overlay digital content on top of it, creating an immersive experience for the user.

Why should you get an AR app on your phone?

Getting an AR app on your phone can enhance your experience with interactive and immersive content that blends the digital world with the physical. It allows you to explore and interact with virtual objects in real-life environments, making learning, gaming, and shopping more engaging and fun.

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