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Chelmer Valve Company was founded in 1961 by Mr Leslie Ferguson Berry, an ex Marconi Employee, and was established to supply off the shelf valve/tube spares for Marconi Transmitters, a neat yet simple idea to eliminate down time for customers by stocking items and reducing lead times. The customers saved time and money. The company quickly established itself as a key supplier to many clients. It occupied a mid – terrace house in Chelmsford (hence the name)

In the mid 1970’s, Mr Harry Rosenbaum (son–in–law of Mr Berry) took over the running of the business, eventually buying it, and was the driving force in taking the company forward by moving into the audio and industrial tube markets and into semiconductors. At this time the Company had about 12 employees.

The 1980's was an ever changing market taking the company to new continents and taking on various agents around the world. The main manufacturers of audio tubes, Mullard , Brimar, GEC and Philips shut down their tube production plants due to decreasing markets and the technological advances in semiconductors.
CVC at this time had invested heavily into tubes and had in stock over 2million valves and a huge stock of semiconductors.

Around 1997, Harry Rosenbaum was joined by his wife Collette. Soon they moved to much bigger premises in Great Baddow (a village by Chelmsford), stocked more product., soon after this it made sense make the Company ‘incorporated’.

In February 2005 after successfully running CVC for many years, Harry and Colette decided it was time to retire. The business was sold to an independent brokering company called UK Electronic Components Ltd.

After years of renting various warehouses and offices, the new owners took the leap in 2007 and relocated all 6 warehouses to one site "Scatterbrook Farm" located in the Essex countryside.

Phase 2 has just been completed and they now have over 40K sq ft of storage with over 24million components in physical stock, including electron tubes, semiconductors, capacitors and resistors.

Moving forward and the ever changing company now offers rebuild and reverse engineering services, cross reference with component replacement and an electron tube testing/burn in service.

In 2009 CVC purchased the Wilson Valve Co of Huddersfield. Then in 2010 CVC purchased the entire inventory of Martal technologies Ltd in Tel Aviv, Israel and the entire surplus inventory of Armadillo Electronics Ltd (UK).

2011 proves to be a challenging year marking the 50th Anniversary of a company built on hard work and dedication, proving that CVC are forward thinking and adaptable.

With the skills, customer service , dedication, focus and experience of all its owners both present and past CVC is proof that the formula works!

Having progressed from small beginnings, the Company, now in its Fiftieth Year, looks forward to the future with confidence.