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Electron Tubes

Search one of the world's largest stocks of electron tubes

Electron Tubes

In just over 50 years, CVC has accumulated one of the world's largest stocks of electron tubes. The tube store at our purpose built manufacturing facility is extensive and we are proud to be able to source some of the best current and obsolete Thyratrons, Klystrons, Magnetrons and Audio NOS for the commercial, industrial, audio legacy sectors.

Finding scarce items that are no longer in production can prove to be almost an impossible task, for some. We have built our business on sourcing invaluable components that are surprisingly affordable.

The team at CVC know just how important it can be to find perfectly priced supplies such as NOS tubes and current production tubes, and we source Pentodes, Rectifiers and Triodes - in fact all manner of electron tubes - from all over the world.

On the legacy side we have an extensive database of information and can offer a comprehensive replacement or rebuild service. We are proud to have entered into an agreement with a European tube manufacturer Tesla electron Tubes SRO of the Czech Republic This means that we can distribute new electron tubes internationally, and can provide a rebuild service for obsolete tubes.


Everyone in the Audio tube business knows the famous brand names of yester year, such as Mullard, Brimar, GEC, RCA, Philips and Telefunken. Unfortunately the majority of these brands are now hard to find because they are scarce, and often expensive.

We carry one of the largest stocks of Audio tubes in the world.

We have tried to list as many as we possibly can in the catalogue at our online web store where prices are also clearly market. For an audio tube where there is no price listed, we will always reply promptly to enquiries using our ‘Request a Quote’ form.

Although we supply all the major brands, and with over 2million NOS electron valves in stock, our main policy is too offer our own range of new tubes.

As well as our own range of tubes being new, they are consistently of the very best quality that we can find from around the world. The result of our exhaustive work is a rewarding and impressive range, which we call our CVC Premium brand.

Because we process our tubes carefully, we provide a large selection of audio tubes and valves that have been fully tested on pre-amp tubes against the following, as well as a controlled burn in on power tubes.


By ensuring our products are tested, we are able to dramatically improve stability and avoid audio tubes breaking down.


We have made it easy to buy components.

We invite you to place an order and purchase online through our highly secure (SSL) credit card facility.

And of course we realise not all of our clients wish to pay online. If you prefer to, please call us directly to pay over the phone, or place your order and follow that with a cheque through the post.

Please Do Not Send Credit Card Details on Email To Us

Please note:-

Due to the fact that we stock over 24million components at our warehouse, we cannot price every individual item.

If the item you are interested in does not show a price, please go ahead and click the ‘Request a Quote’button to be taken to our enquiry form. We ask that you specify the ideal target price to suit your budget and will reply promptly with a quotation for the item.

In the case of Audio tubes, please inform us of the type/s you are seeking – you will help us to save time so that we can reply to you quickly.

As a general rule, NOS tubes are likely to be more expensive then new production types.