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Naval Spares

We are able to source some of the best quality products available to the Naval industry

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Aviation Spares

We have a growing stock of hard to find Civil and Military aviation spares

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Radar Spares

We have in stock Radar Spares that may be hard to find or have become obsolete

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Electronic Components

The largest distributors of almost unknown, obsolete and hard to find electronic components in the world

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Search one of the world's largest stocks of electron tubes

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Aviation Spares

Civil and legacy aviation spares are a plenty at our purpose built facility in Chelmsford. We have an ever growing stock of hard to find radio parts, ground and air based equipment and a comprehensive catalogue of radio spares, electron tubes and much more. Our team have worked hard over 50 years to bring our company a reputation built on reliability, genuine knowledge about our industry and the equipment used, and of course a good understanding of the industries we supply to. The team are able to source hard to find and obsolete parts for mechanical and electronic equipment used in aviation, as well as currently produced and common aviation spares and parts.

We have built our service from the ground up. Because our team are so passionate about offering the most impressive range available in the industry, we are proud of our stock levels and our clients have trusted us to find even the smallest of aviation spares and components, to the largest of transmitter spares and electron tubes. For those looking for spares, parts, components and equipment in the industrial, aviation, government, legacy and in the civil markets we can help you to find the right part that perfectly suits your next project.

Whether you are an individual, a small or large company our team will work with you to listen to your project requirements no matter how hard to find the part you need may be. We will also assist when it comes to finding out which part it is you need, because we have the experience and the knowledge to pinpoint the piece you need.

Our website has been made easy to browse, we list as many parts, fittings and components as we can on there and it’s easy to contact us should you need to. Whilst we do have an extensive list of products in stock, with over 24 million pieces in stock there may not always be the part you need listed there.

The team here are specialists in their field. Contact us today for help identifying radio parts, aviation spares, Naval spares and more, or take a look around the online store for prompt delivery followed by a second to none after sales service should you need us further.